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Re: Can you multi-site BuddyPress?



Yes, please release this if you are willing.

@JJJ [blockquote]Ultimately the problem comes from the shared userbase, which means even a new “site” has no real way to say these 10 users only belong to this site, and these 12 users to this one, and these 20 users to this one…[/blockquote]

On my wpmu setup I am using a number of plugins from the premium site which was setup by Andrew. I am not sure which of his plugins does this, but on my setup, each blog does have it’s ‘own’ members.

I had asked awhile back about how to properly go about allowing a user to register on a subdomain blog without ever leaving that blog. This way each blog can have it’s ‘own’ members.

So when I look in my admin, I actually have a list of blogs, and the members belonging to each blog.

Would this be what is needed in order to get bp to filter the activity for each blog, to only display members/blogs/forums/activity streams etc… from the given blog being displayed?

For the life of me I cannot figure out exactly which plugin from Andrew is allowing this. Maybe Andrea would know…

I have many blogs that have been bugging me non-stop to try and figure out how to bring social networking to their site, but have no solution for them. I know that I could simply install multiple copies of wpmu and give each blog their own complete setup with bp, but that destroys the concept of one codebase to have to update and maintain. It would quickly become a nightmare trying to manage multiple wpmu installs just to get bp working for each blog independent of each other.

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