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Re: Can you multi-site BuddyPress?



@jjj thanks so much for looking into this for us.

I have not yet looked at my database to see what ‘extra fields’ are added which tells wpmu which blogs the user belongs to. There has to be something there otherwise wpmu could not display the members belonging to each individual blog like it does now.

I’ll dig into it tomorrow and report back. Maybe we can somehow ‘hook’ into that extra field, and then use that to filter the members and activity etc…

I”m curious:

Is this something that was just not considered when bp was initially being built?

One would have thought that many users would want bp-mu from the get go, like ning does.

I’m only guessing, but to me it seems that eventually this functionality would have to be added to bp, if it’s ever going to run on (At least I thought there were plans of adding bp to regular sites someday…. read that here somewhere a long time ago)

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