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Re: Can you multi-site BuddyPress?

John James Jacoby


BuddyPress, as it stands will work perfect for a single domain setup, like 99% of the typical audience will predictably use it for, and for if bits and pieces of it are used for that purpose.

@anointed, this isn’t a “flaw” in the software so much as it is BP floating on top of MU’s infrastructure. With any of the multi-site plugins, when I look at my site-wide users, I still see ALL users registered from ALL domains/blogs/etc… When I look at a particular blogs users, then of course all that exists there are the users of that blog. Because a “site” is just another “blog” the terms here mean the same thing. 1 central user base, and all users rotate around them.

There might be a few hacks and methods to counter this behavior, but they involve checking user-meta for a list of blogs that user “belongs” to above and beyond roles and caps, or adding additional tables to route users around… It just is a strange setup and something that needs to be built custom for that particular need.

Think of how all the * sites work. One central user base, yet you can login to all of,,, and all of their respective tracs and blogs, etc… That’s the same thing that BuddyPress does. The MU multi-site plugin does something a little extra, that none of the other platforms really do, and that’s allow multiple domains to use the same installation… bbPress has the power to do something similar, but no one has really explored how to do it yet, but even in that case you’re probably still sharing user tables and just mapping roles and caps again…

Am I making sense yet? haha

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