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Re: Can you multi-site BuddyPress?



@JJJ we are on the same page, and both talking about the same thing.

Here is what I was hoping to accomplish:

have a field in the database that says user ‘abc’ is a member of blogs/sites ‘1,2,3,78’

(I think that is already in the database — shows up in admin which users are mapped to which blog)

Then it would be a matter of ‘filtering’ the bp output to only display information from users belonging to the blog being displayed.

I guess my question would be:

Is it currently possible to use filters within bp to say:

blog id#3 is being called upon for display…

Member ‘abc’ belongs to blog #3 so display his/her profile,groups,forums, activity streams.

Member ‘xyz’ does not belong to blog #3 so filter all that members information so it’s not displayed on blog #3…

Not sure how else to pose the question…

EDIT: I just re-read the title of this post, and realized that I am not talking at all about multi-site bp, which is probably causing the confusion. I was more talking about a single wpmu install with each blog within the one install having it’s own ‘filtered’ bp…. my bad… sorry about that

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