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Re: Can't create groups



I’m having a similar problem. Just did a fresh install with WordPress MU 2.8.4a and the trunk version of BuddyPress 1.1. Also installed bbPress via the WP admin panel. Went through all the setups for BuddyPress (General, Components, Forums), but when I go to the Profile Field Setup it tells me I don’t have any groups. When I try to add one, it returns the message, “There was an error saving the group. Please try again.” If I try to add a group directly via the site, I get the message (in a big scary red bar), “There was an error saving group details, please try again.”

I noticed that the database only has one table with the wp_bp prepend (wp_bp_activity_user_activity_cached). Another install I did (based on WMU 2.8.2, BuddyPress 1.0.3, and current bbPress) resulted in a database with a gazillion wp_bp tables. Is that the problem, and if so, how do I get those tables? And if not…wassup? Having groups is kinda the point, after all.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to skinning the new template framework (ONCE, rather than twice). Thanks for your patience with a relative BP newbie…:-)

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