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Re: Can’t install Buddypress coz of memory limit on my server. WHAT TO DO???



How will these answers help me? Ok. You got an opinion on how much memory is too much or not, but it’s not the issue here.

I use WP with lots of plugins and a PhpBB forum and a couple flashbanners and stuff on that site, everything runs pretty smoothly and my site is quite fast…

Yeah, ofcourse I’d prefer more memory, it wouldn’t hurt! But the problem is not that I have the memory but I think it’s too much so I don’t want to install buddypress, it’s my server host who won’t increase it. That’s the limit, no matter how much I complain.
I’m not saying that pressbuddy is no good eighter, once I discovered it I realized that I HAVE TO HAVE IT on my site, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! But as it is I can’t istall it and it hurts.
So I checked around a little and noticed that not too many hosts offer 64mb eighter… and all I’m saying is if wordpress runs smoothly on 32mb, possibly buddypress too…

And I’m not looking for tips on “where to find a better server host who offer 64mb memory”, i’m looking for a way around this problem without having to move to another server host, thank you.

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