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Re: Can’t install Buddypress coz of memory limit on my server. WHAT TO DO???

There are better ways of expressing the sentiments in your last post :) read it back to yourself. :)

BP and WPMU are not apps I would consider running on what I presume is shared hosting, in fact if I had a shared hosting account trotting along nicely and I found out that the host was allowing people to run sites built on BP I would be off like a shot rather than hang around waiting for the inevitable server loads to become intolerable. I agree 64MB is a lot of script memory for php to need but the fact that WP might run in 32MB is neither here nor there BP is a much more intensive app, more than simply a plugin extension or WP. HAving said all that I maintain my own linux VDS for testing various work and sites on and that has the script memory limit set to 32MB and is happily running a full installation of WPMU + BP and a few plugins, it isn’t a active site though and it’s a dedicated server not shared hosting with many accounts consuming resources which I would guess is why you are immediately running into issues.

BP is best run on a dedicated server or virtual dedicated, that sadly is about all that can be said n the matter, perhaps not ideal from your point of view, but why not change to a VDS? they can be found for a good monthly price.

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