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Re: Can't see 'members' page in buddypress local install

Sam Munro


I think I’ve solved this problem the same as every here has been describing.

After about 3 re-installs and 10 cups of tea, I finally dawned on me like a chisel falling from the grasp of a tired granite mason.

You do indeed need to install at the domain level, this also includes as I have found, the sub-domain level.

1) Create sub-domain.
2) Fresh wordpress install to your new sub-domain
3) Then Buddypress install

Hey Presto works, get your self one final cup of your favourite beverage, that you can now take the time to enjoy.
Then get some sleep, you’ve earned it.

my twitter is @samuelmunro if it worked for you or didn’t I’d like to know either way.

The above steps takes into account the understanding that you already know your way around cPanel, at least to the same level as me, which boasting aside is about one level higher than that of a monkey with lobotomy.

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