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Re: change default blog




I have been having the same problem since moving my bp install from id1 to id30.

I tried all the ‘suggestions’ on the forums and patched the files, but bp still seems to save all files like avatars, photo album plugin pics etc in id1 instead of id30…

Looking at the ticket, it looks like it’s assigned to 1.0.4… is this the case?

If so I am guessing that it would be best for me to wait for 1.0.4 to come out instead of trying to hack it together to fix it?

It seems really strange to me that buddypress only works on the primary blog. What I don’t understand is why this would be the case. Buddypress is so far away from what I would call ‘production’ ready status, that it makes no sense to me to run it on my primary mu blog. Isn’t buddypress in it’s current state better to keep in the background, away from others until it’s more stable?

not ranting here, luv buddypress, I just can’t use it as primary but do want it running ‘in the background’ so I can keep adding features and testing etc…


(gave up on trying to update to 2.8 series.. never did stop spitting out errors, so prob just going to wait for 1.0.4 anyhow.. thanks for your time answering emails on it)

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