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Re: changed base.css color and width where else please?



Recommendation #1: Instead of editing base.css, rename “custom-sample.css” to “custom.css” and start making your changes in there (make sure you uncomment line 17 in bphome/style.css so this will take effect).

Why make your changes in a custom CSS file? Because when you upgrade BP and your BP Home theme, your changes won’t be affected!

Recommendation #2: Use Firefox and install the Firebug plugin to pinpoint which classes you have to apply your colors on.

Another method is doing a search and replace for the color(s) in question for your styles.

Okay I’m just reading this over again… and I’m being an idiot!

You’re talking about the BP member theme… which is an entirely different theme from the bphome theme altogether!

You need to edit a bunch of CSS files in /wp-content/bp-themes/bpmember/css/.

I still recommend making your changes in /wp-content/bp-themes/bpmember/css/custom.css, so when you upgrade BP, your colors and theme will stay intact.

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