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Re: Changing Avatar size sometimes creates Fuzzy Avatars

Brajesh Singh


well, The very first thing is
1. define the 2 size(bp allows only 3 sizes of avatar at this moment) using the constants BP_AVATAR_(THUMB/FULL/ORIGINAL_MAX)_HEIGHT and BP_AVATAR_(THUMB/FULL/ORIGINAL_MAX)_WIDTH if the original avatar sizes(50×50,150×150,450×450) does not fit your requirement.

Then use bp_core_fetch_avatar, it supports the width,height property and thumb type
You can fetch an avatar of different size using different width/height value but again, It will not crop, it will constrain the avar using the width/height property in the img tag. so i don’t think it will be of much use .

But if you want only 2 sizes of avatar, as you mentioned above, define one as Thumb,other as full and fetch thumb using “type=thumb” and the other using “type=anything other than thumb” in bp_core_fetch_avatar and it will work.

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