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Re: Child Theme Question from Super Noob

@rebeccageiger I checked out your screencast. To edit the style.css file (not folder) through your cPanel File Manager you’ll have to click on the HTML or Code Editor buttons at the top. That should show you a blank file that you can cut ‘n paste the code you wish to add. After that follow @r-a-y‘s instructions to activate the theme and then you’ll be able to edit your files in WordPress under Appearance > Editor.

Essentially what you’re doing when following the BP child theme instructions is importing the CSS files from the default BP theme — you’ll need to add your own overriding style instructions to your new theme’s style.css file (underneath the CSS Inherit text).

Heads up: making a child theme isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to know CSS pretty well to know what areas from the default BP theme style.css to alter/override to create the child theme to your liking. For a newbie, I’d recommend downloading a free theme where you can edit the site name and maybe its header color. However, if you want to dive in head first, try downloading a simple, free theme and edit its style.css file to see what happens (I’d stay away from tweaking the default BP theme in case you get around to making a child theme at a latter time). Good luck!

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