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Re: Child Themes, 1.2 & bp-default: No Child Theme Left Behind

Andy Peatling


The new bp-default is brand new theme with much easier to handle templates, better CSS and simpler JS. Overall it is a big improvement on the original bp-sn-parent/bp-default combination.

From 1.2 onwards I would recommend using the bp-default as a parent theme.

It’s quite simple, create a new theme folder in wp-content/themes, create a style.css file and add a:

Template: bp-default

to the header of the style.css file. You can then pull in the existing bp-default CSS if you want to use that:

@import url( ../plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/style.css );

Then under that line you can begin to make your CSS adjustments. If you want to edit a template file, copy it from bp-default and then paste it into your theme folder.

That’s really all there is to it. If you do it this way then your theme will get updated when BuddyPress is updated.

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