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Re: Child Themes Working?

Jeff Sayre



You have several threads with various issues floating around the forums so I cannot possibly remember all the answers that you’ve already provided to our questions.

So, more questions/suggestions:

  • Do you have any plugins other than BP installed? If so, deactivate them and see what happens. Make sure that you are using the default theme and that you have reselected it.
  • Are there any errors in your server’s log files? I mean ANY. Do not try to decide which errors are relevant to this issue. We will decided.
  • I believe that you are running BP trunk. So this is a test site as you should not be running the bleeding-edge version on a production site. Do a clean install and see if the problem persists. This means deleting everything–all BP, WPMU, and DB files. You need to start from scratch. Don’t install any plugins other than BP, only use the default theme. What happens when you do that?

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