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Re: Clean professional user registration?



I need a more professional member registration as well. I’ll use this excellent plugin which allows login with email address, but there are a lot of other annoying issues I still have to solve:

Restructuring registration process to an industry standard

How to use full name, first name + last name

Make 2+ part name in full name required + xprofile_sync_wp_profile()

Autogenerate or remove username

Generate username (+ blog url) from fullname

Use full name in confirmation emails

ListMessenger (or PHPlist) integration – plugin?

I’m not sure how much GigaOM actually changed. Their form looks a lot like the regular Buddypress (?) registration, minus that annoying username. Not sure how they did that.

They’re not using Buddypress, are they?

Most of it is just a radically customized theme. I suspect they probably also use one of the commercial member subscription plugins.

I’m working on my new site here. The old site has a registration system based on PunBB. I’m not a PHP programmer, so please keep us posted on any progress you make.

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