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Re: Clicked Deactivate Buddy Press now white screen appears


Thank you.

Just in case anyone else runs into this…

Here are the steps I took to revert back to the WP default theme.

1. ftp into the site and deleted the BP plugin and BP theme directories.

2. I checked the site and it prodcued the white page. So then I deleted another plugin related the BP (although it had not been activiated yet on the site and was not part of the core BP plugin).

3. Still with the white page. So then I deleted all other themes I had previously installed, and then it gave me the admin page. Still the front page of the site was white. Once I logged into the wp-admin then it refreshed the front end of the site with the default theme.

Lesson learned:

Do not try to uninstall BP by deactivating it in the admin. :)

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