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Re: Conflict with wp-o-matic



Yes FeedWordpress has a solution for duplicate posts:

I agree that it’s a great plugin but:

– FeedWordpress does not accept all rrs feeds. The ones I couldn’t fetch with FeedWordpress I did it with WP-O-Matic.

– After activation it fetches all posts from the feed. There’s no control of the number of posts to fetch. In WP-O-Matic you can define 1 post to fetch the first time and then change it to unlimited or the number that you prefer.

– I’ve tested FeedWordpress configured for hourly fetches and WP-O-Matic the same way. With WP-O-Matic I’ve got the latest posts and with FeedWordpress no.

– In WP-O-Matic you can customize how the fetched posts will display. You may include a default image for each feed, text and html. You can define the source link name and make it open in a new window.

Maybe FeedWordpress has more features and advantages, I don’t know, my experience results are the ones I’ve wrote. Besides, when it doesn’t accept the rss feed that I need to fetch … I cannot use it.

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