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Re: Convert a WordPress Theme to a BuddyPress Theme



Well, to be honest that pretty much sums up CSS doesn’t it – ‘just way too much css tweaking required’. Every site I’ve ever developed has required a fair bit of CSS tweaking / hacking / fighting!

As someone who hacked BP1.1 into a premium WP theme (and boy was that a headache!) I actually found that in comparison, BP 1.2 with @andy’s BP Template Pack was a dream. Granted, to get it exactly how you want it takes a little work, but I managed to update a new WP theme in under an hour! Then gradually bringing in BP css from the default theme along with some changes of my own has pretty much worked for me.

The default structure / css is never going to work for everyone – I think it has to follow WP to a point, after all, they’re related apps – but look at it this way: at leastyou haven’t had to create a whole social networking plugin!

@timnicholson – let me know if / when you’ve knocked together the tutorial and I’ll throw in any useful tips that I come across as I finish my own mods.

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