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Re: Convert a WordPress Theme to a BuddyPress Theme

Very odd although apparently not uncommon:

I used the excellent bp-template-pack plugin and am now up to step three (the plugin “skipped” step two). This is the step where the plugin identifies what index files I need to edit to match the structure. But for some reason none of my edits are taking. I am ftping the edited php files back to my theme directory but it almost seems like buddypress is pulling from somewhere else, is that possible? I went as far as deleting my /activity/index.php file and somehow the activity page still shows up. What can I be missing here? I’ve seen a few other posts about similar “edits” not “showing up”. Any ideas on what to troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated.

I am using the ( Magazeen theme and wordpress 3.0 and buddypress and template pack 1.0.2.


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