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Re: Converting existing HTML site/domain into Buddypress: what\'s best practice/order

Andrea Rennick


“- What is the best way to populate a ‘live’ (on a public server) site, view/test it online, but keep it hidden/private for non-admins (to prevent copycats, leaking, Google indexing etc)? The ‘privacy settings do no offer this choice? do I need a plugin for that?”

The simply brilliant way: edit your computer’s hosts file.

Slap MU up wherever, even on an IP address, but change your own host file to show the old domain at the new location. Proceed as usual. You & your computer is the only person to see the site “live”.

(oo bad construct there – computers aren’t people. yet.)

You won’t need any google-fu or the more privacy plugin. When the time comes, all you need to do is remove your own hosts file edit, update the DNS to the new server, and wait.

“- Which way to Chenge the Site url is working best (see ), are the 2 ‘defines’ enough currently?”

in MU? Oh heck no. Nowhere near enough. The url is saved in a multitude of places. That’s why I suggested the hosts file way.

Yes, you have to keep editing it to go back to the live site, but it’s way less painful.

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