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Re: correct way to redefine BuddyPress core functions



I had the same issue and this time around my BP core hacks are really at a minimum (but I still had to hack ! ). Mostly my hacks are to do with disabling some includes (like the admin bar – I wish there was just a switch which isn’t too hard to do).

As Jeff says, I used bp-custom.php for my custom functionality but that only goes so far… You OK with that approach as long as the core BP functions uses a filter or action. If that’s not the case, then your options are gone. What I ended up doing in a couple of cases, was just copy the core BP function into my bp-custom.php file, rename it and change the functionality then call that one instead of the original from my template. Again, this only works if you’re going to change the template functions only. If you need to dig deeper then I have no grand ideas left…

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