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Re: Create a Site Forum

Craig Sunney



Just realized that I had run the integration process that comes with BP 1.2.3. before copying over bbPress file, renaming it as forums etc. and the bb-config.php file was already there.

So, when I got to step 4. i.e. browse to, there was not request to add in database information from wp-config.php file. It just asked be to add topic to a group etc. i.e. it seemed all setup already.

Am I on the right path, or do I need to backtrack (i.e. delete some files and start again) to get the forums to look integrated like they are here?

[WP 2.9.2 BP 1.2.3]

EDIT: ooops just noticed I posted without reading. 3Sixty: on my version of BP, there is an option to integrate and external bbPress, but since I did not have it installed, when I installed BP, I am not sure if I should backtrack to get the integration you are referring to.

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