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Re: Creating a general forum not attached to Groups in BP 1.2

Roger Coathup


@Andy – I understand the developer logic / enhanced power of the forums-groups concept. Unfortunately, though… it causes a headache for the clients we are building sites for:

They are used to the plain simple concept of standalone forums. No amount of explanation gets me past the response “but, I still don’t see why I’ve got to create a group, when all I want is a forum”.

In one case, the client has decided they are going to run SimplePress forums integrated with BuddyPress to get around this ‘problem’.

Perhaps, it would be less of an issue if it was our own site that we were running and maintaining, but we are developing for clients who will administer the system themselves and struggle with / or don’t see the need for forums-groups setup.

I guess it’s the old marketing adage: “it’s much easier to sell them something they want, rather than to sell them something they don’t know they want”.

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