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Re: Creating a general forum not attached to Groups in BP 1.2



Why not call a ‘group’ a ‘section’?

I would still see the need for multiple fora/ subfora.

Section is commonly used in daily life, and people might understand this concept easier.

So for example a ‘section’ could be named ‘faculties’. Then you could give each forum in the section ‘faculties’ a faculty name. If you post in a faculty you automatically become a member of that faculty, as well as the section ‘faculties’.

So how would one differentiate between for example faculty staff and students? Is there a possibility for categorizing members into ‘member groups’?

So to recap

Member groups

Now any section and fora can have a blog. So a Campus BBQ post to which all the faculties are invited would then go in the section blog. Whereas a open day for the biology faculty post would go under a forum blog, in this case the ‘biology faculty’. Automatically all people that are members would get a notice. On the other hand if you had a Campus BBQ for all the staff of all the faculties and you posted this, you would need some kind of selection in the blog screen if you wanted to notify only the faculty staff. You could chose to design it so that everybody can still be able to read the post in the section ‘faculties’ blog, or have only faculty see this.

There might be a better word for ‘fora’ though (in some cases)(?).

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