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Re: Custom CSS & Groups

Burt Adsit


I see what’s happening. The directories (member,group and blog) all have their own css files. When you access a directory it loads your theme css and then it loads the directory css. You’d have to ask Andy for sure but my guess would be that the reason is that the directories can be launched from any theme. Not just the bp themes.

If I’m running the bp home theme on a blog. The bp home theme loads the bp home theme css. If I’m running a normal wp theme on a blog then that theme loads it’s css.

The directories don’t know or care what theme they are running in. They have to be able to run in any theme.

I’d post in trac and ask for a mod that loads the directory css as part of the standard style.css/loader.php sequence. Everything else is getting loaded except that. Then your custom.css stuff will override the directory css.

People that are running a theme other than the bp themes will have to seek a different solution.

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