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Re: Custom CSS & Groups

Burt Adsit


Mike: if you are gonna mod the adminbar may I suggest this? A plugin that does the work for you without modifying the admin bar code. Andy made some changes to the adminbar to make it possible to replace menu entries easily and add new menu items between existing menu options. I use a plugin to do this. Used to modify it every time a change came thru SVN and got tired of that.

Here’s what I use:

That’s a link to the code for a little plugin I use. What that does is it adds a new top level menu item ‘Community’ with the News, Members and all the other items that are available in the home and member themes as buttons.

You’ll need to modify this for your needs but it’s an example of how to add a new top level menu item and all the drop downs. The function oci_get_community_blog_url() goes out and gets some site options I have installed in my root blog theme. I don’t run the home theme on the mu root blog. I run it on That menu gives access to the ‘community’ directories and recent activity. All the bp home theme stuff.

More on the adminbar in this ticket:

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