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Re: custom profile data not getting saved in BP 1.1.2



Yup, that is the problem it seems – the old 2-theme structure.

I am using the premium ‘edu-clean’ home theme coupled with the BP default ‘bpmember’ theme which is no longer in existence after I have upgraded my BP to 1.1.2. I needed to customize my ‘register’ page. Instead of using WPMU wp-signup.php, I wanted my signup page similar to bphome’s.

To accomplish this, I simply created a page template(register.php) similar to bphome’s. Added a new page with the register slug, associated it with this template and made the user redirect from wp-signup.php to /register.

My problem is, on my register template I have used <?php bp_core_signup_do_signup() ?> to display the registration form in the left-column widget. Now, from what I understand, this function is deprecated in 1.1.2. Perhaps, this is the reason my profile fields aren’t getting saved? I still am not sure, but in any case, I would like to replace this function with its equivalent function in 1.1.2.

I want to retain this layout (i.e using edu-clean as the WPMU theme and bpmember as the BP theme) as of now. I still haven’t gotten the hang of the new single-theme architecture, but I’m working on it. Until I get that right, is there any way we can save our site users the trouble of having to save their profile fields twice?

Please advice!


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