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Re: Custom profile field – how to use in theme?



Yes, I’m trying to style the comments of a particular group a little differently. The community I’m building is for users and potential clients of a membership-based service. Anyone can sign up, but I’d like to give commenters who are actual members of the service a little bit of a different treatment, so their comments carry more weight. I’m envisioning a small icon that overlays their gravatars indicating they are members.

For the moment I had planned on using xprofile data for this. I don’t have groups enabled (yet), but if we use them in the future, I would like to make them user-controlled for smaller interest groups (whereas membership to this group would be more admin-controlled). We have an external database with the names of all members in it, but I’m not yet sure how to cross-check with that database when users sign up (or if that’s even possible!).

Maybe xprofile data is not the best way to go about this? I know there are role options in WordPress, would this maybe be a better way to handle this? My main concern is ensuring maximum flexibility as the site develops.

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