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Re: custom slug via bp-custom makes menu icons disappear

Burt Adsit


Ok, I surrender. I was wrong. Yes, changing the groups slug does trash the icons. I’m thinking to myself “These people are nuts. I just changed the BP_MEMBERS_SLUG to ‘boysinthehood’ and nothing changed”. I picked the only slug that doesn’t have a dependency in the member theme css for an icon.

The member theme\’s userbar does bp_get_nav() which generates the html for the user nav bar. The individual nav items \’css_id\’ is the slug for each component. You change the slug you change the \’css_id\’ in the nav menu.

This isn\’t a bug really. Its a side effect of having the flexibility to actually change the slug. The component slug is the only site wide identifier for a component.

I don\’t see any easy way around this. The css defaults to what the component default slug is. Which is \’groups\’. Changing the slug invalidates the css.

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