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Re: Custom Theming Questions



Alright, this is starting to congeal. Only thing is, I”m about 80% confident with what you’re saying regarding the creation of actions in the functions.php file and those actions hooking into a do_action call in the parent theme.

2 questions:

1) If I create an action in the child functions.php that does not exist in the various templates of the parent theme, is it better practice to fiddle with the template file(s) of the parent theme, adding the do_action call there, or to move the template file to the child theme before making any changes?

2) Do you or anyone else have any suggestions for references a semi-savvy-newbie might use to gain a more complete understanding of how to write actions in the functions.php file? I assume there’s some fairly complete documentation in the wordpress codex, but perhaps there’s a link or two to some nice tutorial-type blog entries? I probably need to spend some more time with PHP coding anyway :-)

Thanks everybody.

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