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Re: Date in profile is broken in latest BP release



I have the same problem as Bento, and I guess this has something to do with localization, considering everything works when I set language back to English in WPMU General Preferences.

So please, could someone look into this and suggest what to do, ’cause I really have no clue.

More info on the erratic behavior (again, if WPMU language is English everything works fine):

WPMU 2.7.1 – Buddypress 1.0 – default bphome & bpmember themes – WP_Lang it_IT

– Dates generally won’t be saved into the DB

– Some random dates, however, are saved, but off by 1 day (as per original message by Bento)

– Manually editing the DB shows the date in the Public Profile page

– When editing the profile after a manual DB edit, a month won’t be selected in the datebox (while day and year are)

– Months names (F) are translated in the datebox, still in English in the Profile Page

– Doesn’t matter what date format you set in WPMU preferences (be it F or m for the month)

(Edit: typos)

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