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Re: Date’s bug

Burt Adsit


Never mind the question about date format. We don\’t get a choice. I need to know if the data is getting saved and not being displayed or just not getting saved. Can you take a look at the bp_xprofile_data table and see if there is anything in there for that date field?

The bp_xprofile_data table looks like this: id, field_id, user_id, value, last_updated. The field_id is basically the sequence you entered the fields in the backend. Starting at 1, you can prob count down the list and guess at the field_id. If you’ve done alot of arranging things with deletes and adds it might not be that simple.

field_id comes from another bp table called bp_xprofile_fields. If you browse that table with phpmyadmin you’ll see your date field. Whatever you called it will be in the ‘name’ column. The field_id you are looking for is the ‘id’ column in that table. Match that up with the field_id in the bp_xprofile_data table and tell me what that row says for that field_id.

You should have a number like: 1210392000 in the ‘value’ column. That’s a linux time number. What’s in that spot for your date field? Matter of fact, try changing and saving the profile data and then go look at the tables. What does phpmyadmin say for that row in the table?

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