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Re: Deactivate Buddypress caused blank page.

Jeff Sayre


You need to deactivate all BuddyPress-dependent plugins before you deactivate BuddyPress itself.

Did you deactivate the bpPicture Album plugin before you deactivated BuddyPress? If not, then that is more than likely what caused your problem.

Figured it out. To manually do this you need to go into your database and put this in your wp_sitemeta table under the field active_sitewide_plugins:


What a given user would need to place in that particular sitemeta table record depends on what plugins they had activated. This is what you needed to do. It will not necessarily be what others would need to do.

The best way to handle this issue is to temporarily move all your plugins out of /wp-content/plugins/ and then log back into WPMU’s backend as Site Admin. Refresh the page, logout, and then move the plugins back. Log back in and you should be good to go. Your plugins will be deactivated and ready to be reactivated.

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