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Re: Default Theme Issues – HELP! :)

John James Jacoby


Like Andy said, the “Home” theme is really intended only for the “Home Blog” or the main blog that your website is responsible for. It’s intent is similar to a “portal” page for those of you familiar with phpNuke, vBulletin, etc…

Think of…

There’s a page there that shows all sorts of SITE WIDE content. Then you can drill down into users blogs, and see their specific blogs and themes. Exact same idea with the home theme.

Using the Home theme as a user blog will result in errors, because the “Members” and “Groups” and “Blogs” links don\’t exist under sub domains/directories.

For a “seamless” type of interaction, you will want to make a duplicate of your “Home” theme, call it “User”, edit the style.css to give it a new name, delete home.php, and edit the header.php file to use$bp->root_domain in place of get_option('home')

This is what I did for You’ll notice that the user blogs look just like the home blog.

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