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Re: define root blog as current blog?



(I tried posting this reply as new threads for 2 days now, but it won’t take, so trying it as a reply to my thread to see if it shows up….. this better explains my question)

I”m not sure what I am trying to do is even possible, so before I install bp again, I figured I would ask first.

I run a network of mu blogs, and want to give each of the blogs their ‘own’ bp.

My best guess as to how to do this is to stat by uploading the bp plugin into plugins instead of mu-plugins, and then only activating it on the blogs which I want to use bp.

I can then add the template/css files from bp into each blogs theme directory, along with any logic files needed. This way each site can have their own ‘unique’ bp theme, matching the blogs theme.

What I am not sure is possible:

In this scenario, is it currently possible to filter all of the widgets, like the activity stream, to only show activity for the users belonging to the blog being viewed at the time?

I have a custom plugin already that allows people to signup on a sub domain blog without having to go to the root blog. Each member is then transparently added to a few other sub-domain blogs as well as the root blog… i have future plans for this.

This means that each of my sub-domain blogs have their ‘own’ userbase, so separating out the activity in bp ‘should’ be possible?

My idea is that there should be no reason for a user to ever leave the sub-domain blog to edit or view their profile pages, or the pages of friends etc..

They would only be able to see the members and groups, groups forums, created by the members of the sub domain blog only… is that possible?

I plan on offering bp only to my ‘premium’ sub domain bloggers, and most of them will have their own custom domain name mapped.

So if the sub domain blog ‘’ users should not even know that my ‘root’ wpmu install is at ‘’ which is how bp worked for me in the past.

It was making my bloggers ‘angry’ that their users were sent to another site to update their profiles etc…. so I am trying to figure out a way of giving them bp on their own site.

I have no problem applying filters myself in order to filter the members to the blog in question only, if filters would work.

What I don’t get, is I would have to figure out how to ‘assign’ bp to the blog in question instead of a particular blog. (in old bp we had to add command to functions to tell bp which blog id# bp was installed on)

I hope this makes sense…. is this currently possible?

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