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Re: Details About the New Theme Architecture

John James Jacoby


To summarize, the new theme structure includes a skeletal framework right away to start, that allows other themes to inherit the styling of BP HTML, CSS, and AJAX if you choose. It answers the age old “How do I get my child themes to look like my root theme?” question right off the bat. It also answers most of the “How do I port my existing theme to look like BP?” question too, but some adjustments will need to be made to make it look perfect. It also means that as new BP core features are developed, the BP default framework is updated as well, allowing your child themes to tap into the new HTML, CSS, and AJAX without any modifications to themselves. Neat eh?

What this REALLY does (in my opinion) for theme authors, is it puts EVERYTHING that the WHOLE website will need to look and work correctly in 1 convenient theme folder; with the option of subdomains having their own template files override the root if you as a site admin so choose. You can inherit the header.php and footer.php, but change the single.php and category.php if you want to. Or say that one subdomain gets blue links, and the other gets orange; a few changes in the style.css and you’re set for that child theme.

It’s just awesome and the anticipation of how people will use this is killing me. :)

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