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Re: Details About the New Theme Architecture



To clarify things in my mind, can you (Jeff, or anyone else) explain the implications of moving to BP parent/child themes for sites that do not currently use a bphome theme?

Will it still be an option to use any WP blog theme (with BP widgets) for “home” in conjunction with the BP (child) member theme? Or will the “home” theme also have to be a child of the BP parent theme?

And how would that even work, if the “home” theme (i.e. a good old fashioned blog theme) potentially has its very own parent theme? Can a child theme have two parents? Or is this completely irrelevant because the “home” theme stands on its own since it’s not relying on any BP hooks if it’s strictly using widgets?

Please excuse my ignorance of WP parent/child themes. I wasn’t even aware of them until a few days ago.

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