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Re: Details About the New Theme Architecture

Jeff Sayre



So now, can i start using that new architcture ? how ? do i have to download the last build from the trac ?

You have two options: install the latest trunk from SVN, or wait for version 1.1 to be released in the next few weeks.


Will it still be an option to use any WP blog theme (with BP widgets) for “home” in conjunction with the BP (child) member theme?…And how would that even work, if the “home” theme (i.e. a good old fashioned blog theme) potentially has its very own parent theme? Can a child theme have two parents?

Any well-designed WP theme can be used as a parent theme. Unlike with us humans, child themes can only have one parent theme. Of course, a given parent theme can have many child themes.

Here’s a useful article on making child themes that goes into great detail. Especially look at the resources he provides at the bottom.

Perhaps jjj can chime in here as he is the consummate theme designer–much more so than I.

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