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Re: Details About the New Theme Architecture




I do have BP-version 1.0.1 running on a site and have made a few customizations so far (just CSS-changes and some images).

So with the new template-structure: should I delete the current install completely and get the BP-version 1.1 installed ? I mean: what is the best way to upgrade to the 1.1-version when it will be released in the next few weeks ? I definitely want to have the new template-structure, so I guess I would need to set-up my website from scratch, right ?

And: I am running the site in german-language only.


will this new template-structure also make it easier to design a custom-template for the user-blogs ?

Like I would like to have the user-blogs having the same CSS-style as my main pages ?

I still have not been able to figure how to do this. I would like the user-blogs to have the same design in order to have a consistent website.

Why is this not already the case at ? Why is it still the original WordPress-design ? Is there a chance you create a plugin or something at which the Admin is able to select to chosse the design of the “User-Blogs” like choosing from “WordPress original design” or “ design” ?


is there a chance to have a “package install” which will have ONE package which will include all latest software: WordPress 2.8.x, BuddyPress 1.1 and BBPress ?

I read many post where I see people having troubles integrating the BBPress-software into the system (even an experienced BP-expert had troubles).

Is there a chance you will create a 1 Package download which will make it very easy for people to have a full website (like installed ?

So literally 1 click-download will create a ready-made website, same like ?


a user-request to get invited into a “Private Group” is not possible being accepted. This does not work yet at my installation and I think this is a general bug.


the wording of “Blog” and “Blogs” is confusing. In both english and german language.

Many thanks,

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