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Re: Details About the New Theme Architecture

Jason Giedymin




I suggest using trac for any bugs.

==user blogs & design==

User blogs are run by MU. If you want to retain a ‘similar’ design you could:

  • draft a wp theme using similar colors etc…
  • perhaps use a global footer or manually add in some sidebar widgets to force show some site-wide bp content
  • flag this theme as the default
  • flag this theme as the only theme ‘turned on’ via site-wide admin

==1 Package==

I agree, yet also disagree on your suggestion.

It wold be very efficient to have a turn-key bundle. It would surely make many people’s lives easier. However to do so now would be very difficult for the existing devs. Now it absolutely doesn’t stop anyone else from doing it however.

Having a bundle offered by the .org sends the message that all apps are 1 wholly integrated unit. That will also require webserver, php, mysql integration for a turnkey solution (how many times do we see “i need help with X re-write”.) Also on support, this type of product would deserve a single forum, a single user group, plug-in pages, etc… At the moment It’s now quite there yet. As I understand it, this is a goal for the .org long term. Not to sure about the backend integration however.

As you, I also see the many frustrations which users do experience. I try to help support the community as much as possible, may it be cross app integration, patches, other info, and in some cases monetary and personnel donations to many of the backends I just described.

This is what makes open source great, it allows users such as yourself who come up with an idea which benefits the community to start working on it. I no doubt believe a project such as this would get support from various existing communities and users.

Go for it!

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