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Re: Dev looking for feature requests for next BP-Group-Control version



Hi dpolant. I’m also from the jMonkeyEngine project. We’re happy to see you’re extending this neat plugin.

We were up late working last night, so in case Normen didn’t make perfect sense about the forum restriction, I’ll reiterate:

What we’re looking for is a way to restrict users from creating a forum once we’ve assigned them a group. I think at its simplest, we’d want site admins to be the only ones who can enable a forum on a group. That way if group admins really think their group needs a dedicated forum, they’d just have to ask us (naturally we’d clarify the process to our users).

Our site doesn’t have open group creation, so we can easily estimate no more than 1 group every week, meaning enabling-by-request would be perfectly manageable at least in our case.

Now for something more advanced, you could consider playing with the Role Scoper plugin:
It’s definitely the most comprehensive permissions-plugin I’ve tested, and it’s actively developed. What you could do is make your plugin integrate with his, so that if both plugins are present, a simple group is created, like ‘forum creator’. Now all we as users would have to do is associate the WP usegroups that should have access to forum creation with the custom ‘forum creator’ group.

Maybe this would be easier just added directly to the role-scoper plugin though, so I’ll suggest it ^^

So yeah, enabling-by-request would suit us just fine!

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