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Re: Diaspora? What do you think?



Just my 2 cents.
I’ve been following the noserub community for a while and found their concept amazing back in time when there were just a couple of OpenSource solutions to build a real social network. Unfortunately they failed both as the community and as the target audience. Diaspora seems the same thing to me, but who knows maybe one of them is lucky enough to cover the whole team dreams :)

I know this thing is on hype (make something to replace Facebook), but people forgot that Facebook is not just a social network, it’s a high technical framework that innovated such concepts like API, Application Platforms, scalability and come on, their are the most notable product that still uses PHP (to which they contributed back a lot). As a developer is a pleasure to work with their technologies, as a user it’s amazingly easy to use it.

My opinion is that the system is broken, not the Facebook. Facebook is just another product to fail into society’s racism/criticism. Go on, stop using facebook and keep using Google’s products, or Microsoft/Apple’s software products, lets see how long that will last.

BuddyPress will surely grow, there will be one day it will get features for distributed integration but until then, the community behind it matters, because they to become the future developers.

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