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Re: Different user account types



@socialpreneur, would that get paulrostorp-1 any closer to what he wants to achieve? That whole approach sounds like a dead end to me.

He wants 3 account types with different allowed numbers of blogs and upload limits per account. Creating three separate MU/BP installations doesn’t solve that, it will only make it harder to manage those membership levels.

I think he probably needs an additional plugin that adds account settings for # of blogs and upload limits to different classes of members as defined in the commercial membership plugins.

Is setting the number of blogs allowed per user possible now? Are there “hooks” to make it possible? Idem dito for upload limit.

I’m not a PHP coder, but I suspect it’s doable. I plan to study up on plugin creation etc. second half of this month. I’d like to have this type of functionality myself. Any suggestions and contributions appreciated.

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