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Re: Directories Search

I now upgraded to RC2 and WPMU 2.7.1.

Still the same stuff. We just went live with our site and with all the new users I think the member-directorie (Groups and blogs are pretty much ok) doesn\’t work well.

1. How are the members sorted. It seems that it\’s not with latest active, not alphabetically etc.

2. Search is terrible. The Profile this way doesn\’t make much sense. When I type for my name \”Berra\” – it doesn\’t find it. Only \”Michael\”. Could it be, that it always just searches the first word in the profile? Could you test your install???

3. Pagination doesn’t work – I can click on “2” – but nothing happens

It could be, that somewhere I have a bug. But on my main-install and two test-install it acts like that…

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