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Re: Disable Activity Stream for Profiles?

Thank you so very much for your help.

The first bit does as expected and removes the profile all together. It’s a temporary fix until I can locate the source of the problem, but not a good permanent fix. Defining the default component as profile I’m guessing is intended to set the default profile component differently so that it becomes accessible. I’m not having any luck with that. Attempts to access the profile default to the home page. Any thoughts about it?

I can see that one of the problems I have is with the group wiki plugin. Posts to the group wikis and their responses show up in the activity stream. I think I can just block those and manage that problem, but the other entry that shows in the activity stream, I’m pretty sure is from core buddy press functionality. Replies to entries made to the “Home” form (displayed in the activity stream) also show up in the user’s profile and are visible to users who are not members of the group when they are not logged into the website. When they are logged in this problem disappears. Any thoughts?

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