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Re: Disable /wp-admin/ for “normal” users

Ok guys here is what I found may work. If you implement the two additional plugins into your site, you should never see the wp-admin page while using a buddypress site.
1. Be sure not to disable BuddyPress to WordPress profile syncing in Buddy Press settings. You want to link both the buddy press and word press site together
Now for the rest of the settings
2. Install Absolute Privacy
Under settings: Lockdown the site and Block admin access. For the “Redirect Non-logged in Users To:” part: enter your Login page permalink for My Login
3. Install Theme My Login
Under settings for Theme My Login: Put a 0 for Page ID and ensure the other 3 check boxes are selected, Pagelist, Links, and Stylesheet.
NOTE: In order to log out from your wordpress control panel you will need to click the link at the top left of your wordpress control panel to get back out to the buddy press site. You should still be logged in as your user in Buddy Press. Simply chose log out and viola you should not see the wp-admin. Test it out by entering a fake username/password, you should bounce back to buddypress login screen..
Same thing with the login procedure. You will need to log in through buddypress and click on “edit this entry” to get back to the wordpress control panel.
Another layer of wp-admin lockout may be to create a redirect for wp-admin and wp-admin.php
ALSO: It doesn’t seem like Buddy Press Sliding Login Plugin works with this setting so it may be wise to disable that feature. Be sure to backup, as results may vary. Proceed at your own discretion.

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