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Re: Displaying user profile

@boonebgorges @johnjamesjacoby @nahummadrid
After working on other bits for a few days, I need to revisit an issue from the original post in this thread about 2 weeks ago.
I need to display the user actions for profiles, below the profile image and information in the sidebar, links for adding as friend, send message and so on. If it is the owner of this profile I need to display links to edit profile, inbox, groups and so on.
I’ve tried adding some code to the sidebar that I found in the profile php files, but they seem not to be able to connect to the profile, allthough the “Mention” link brings the user to the correct page to post an activity update. It does not include the username or any other name from the profile where that link was clicked though, so something is missing. I would really appreciate some assistance with this issue.

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