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Re: docs to help me understand adding custom post_types to bp activity stream



Well I am sure that many others will someday want to figure out how to get custom post_types to automatically show up in the activity stream. It took me all day reading through most of the bp code, but I finally found the edit needed.

in bp-blogs.php line 373
comment out:
` if ( $post->post_type != ‘post’ )
return false;`

Now this is not optimal, as it will still say that user ‘x’ posted a new blog post instead of user ‘x’ posted a new ‘post_type’ post, and it won’t automatically insert the metafields, but it’s a start.

I’ll come up with a simple code hack and post it here when I have added the ability to add in the custom post_types custom metafields into the activity stream.

The reason I am going with this approach, is because for now, I have zero interest in creating a new bp component, as the users will never be adding in these post types via bp. I simply wanted the information to show in the activity stream when the new post_type data is added.

Hope this helps save someone countless hours in the future.

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