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Re: Does BuddyPress have a General Forum?

Burt Adsit


I have this plugin up and running. Here’s the way it works. You install a plugin on the bp and the bbpress side, import your existing groups and group users into bbpress. That creates forum and user meta data in bbpress that allows group forums to operate there as expected.

Part of the package is a live link using xmlrpc to do two things.

1. Keep the forum and user meta data updated for changes in bp. New groups, group status changes, users joining/leaving groups, user promotion/demotion/ban.

2. New topics and replies created in bbpress need to show up in the bp activity stream and trigger actions over there.

I’ve got the import done and the link from bp to bbpress in xmlrpc running. I’m working on the bbpress to bp link now. Should have the bbpress to bp link done by today or tomorrow.

Then I need to test it on my linux server and let interested others give it a whirl on their development servers. That’s where things stand.

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