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Then I stand corrected and a mod can delete my post. If this is perfectly fine and accepted in the wordpress community then I am probably seeing this the wrong way..

I personally would find it a bit strange to sell something which isn’t yours.

For example if it took me many hours to create a BuddyPress theme or plugin and decided to sell it, and notice that someone else is selling my plugin for a lower price, I would be VERY unhappy!

Right now everything that’s developed using any WP hooks automatically falls under the GPL so you are not doing anything wrong I think, but I honestly don’t understand why you would do this.. If everyone would start reselling stuff from others the open source community would quickly become a very nasty place to be. This is just my personal opinion and I’m interested in what others think about this.

I am not trying to start a flamewar and I’m sorry for accusing you for stealing, that was uncalled for.

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